Access RSS feeds, podcasts, and torrents in this all-in-one


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The Internet as a mode of communication harbors enormous possibilities and an almost infinite amount of information. Because of the web's size, most of its content goes unnoticed by most users, since they don't even know it exists.

BitsCast lets you access much of this content. This application integrates different features like RSS feeds, videos from podcasts, and P2P file transfers through torrents. Each is organized in its corresponding category.

With just one click, you can access the latest news from some dozen media outlets from around the world. You can also add RSS feeds from your favorite news sites, including newspapers, software websites, and so on.

In the podcasts department, BitsCast is integrated with platforms like CNN or YouTube. In the latter, you can see the most popular and most viewed videos.

Additionally, BitsCast lets you download torrents from RSS lists updated at fixed intervals. You'll no longer have to use torrents search engines to look for this type of file, as you'll always have them at hand.

Finally, the program includes a programming section with RSS feeds from websites like MSDN, CodeGuru, or Microsoft Team RSS Blog.

This version is for Windows XP. On the developer's website you can find one for Windows 2000.

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